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BREAKFAST BELLE Vintage Grapefruit Crate Label from Bartow, Florida [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Breakfast Belle Citrus Crate Label from Florida
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Breakfast Belle, The African-American Maid, has laid out a fine early morning meal and is ringing her bell; Two half grapefruits gleam from the table amidst silver, China and a fine bouquet of fresh flowers. Vintage label from Lake Garfield Citrus Cooperative; Bartow - Polk County - Florida,  Florida Grower Press - Tampa; 9" X 3 3/8" custom framed in copper and glass, ready to decorate your kitchen wall.

 The Lithographer's Bug says "Florida Grower Press, Tampa";  as opposed to Florida Grower's Press or Florida Growers Press.

Although oranges have been grown in Florida since the 1500's when the Spanish explorers arrived, production on a large commercial scale did not begin until the early 1900's. A major expansion of the industry took place in the 1920's, during the Florida land boom. At the present time, three-quarters of the oranges grown in the United States come from Florida, along with over half the world's grapefruit.