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Don't Cry Original Old Sweet Potato & yam crate Label in FRAME

Don't Cry Original Old Sweet Potato & yam box ad Label in FRAME
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Don't Cry Old Original Sweet Potato Box Label designed by Brandau Craig Dickerson Company of Nashville, Tennessee for Irvin Wimberley of Church Point, Louisiana. The scene shows a black man throwing dice (Craps). He could have done better on that last throw. We have custom framed this original vintage yam crate label in copper and glass and it is ready to decorate your home. A great addition to your black memorabilia collection. It measures 8 3/4" x 8 3/4". In the words of a former slave: “On moonlight nights, yo’ could hear a heap of voices, an’ when yo’ peep ober de dike dar am a gang of (Nlggers) a’shootin’ craps an’ bettin’ eber’thing dey has stold from de plantation. Sometimes, a pretty yaller gal er a fat black gal would be dar, but mostly hit would be jist men”. Midge Burnett, Former Slave. Recorded by the Federal Writers Project, Circa, 1934; from Bullwhip Days.

The Japanese macaque or Snow Monkey is a very intelligent species. It is the only animal other than humans and raccoons that is known to wash its food before eating it. Researchers studying this species at Koshima island in Japan left sweet potatoes out on the beach for them to feed on, then witnessed one female, named Imo (Japanese for yam or potato), taking the food down to the sea to wash the sand off it. After a while, others started to copy her behavior. This trait was then passed on from generation to generation, until eventually, all except the very oldest members of the troop were washing their food and even seasoning their clean food in the sea. She was similarly the first observed balling up wheat with air pockets, throwing it into the water, and waiting for it to float back up before picking it up and eating it free from dirt.  The macaque has other unusual behaviors, including bathing together in hot springs and rolling snowballs for fun.[] Also in recent studies, it has been found that the Japanese Macaque can develop different accents, like humans. It was found that macaques in areas separated by only a couple hundred miles can have very different pitches in their calls, their form of communication. The Japanese Macaque has been involved in many studies concerning neuroscience and also is used in drug testing. It is often the subject of Buddhist myths, and is thought to be the inspiration behind the saying "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Thanks and a tip o' the Hat to Wikepedia.