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Bird in Flight SWALLOW Fruit Crate Label from Woodlake, California [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Swallow Fruit Crate Label from Woodlake, CA
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SWALLOW, Redbanks Packing Co., 34825 Road 192, Woodlake, California; bird swoops over orchard scene on its way to San Juan Capistrano. Custom framed, fine decor for your home or office. Original Old Label/antique animal print/avian. Measures approx. 4 1/2 x 13 inches.

Grapes are a major California agricultural product, consumed as tables grapes, raisins, and wine. While grapes are grown throughout California, table grapes are grown mainly on the east side of the San Joaquin valley in central California, in Tulare, San Joaquin, Kern and Fresno counties. Many varieties of grapes are grown, with Thompson Seedless, Emperor, Tokay and Malaga being of key commercial importance. Grapes are very perishable, and require careful handling to prevent crushing. They are packed in flat lug boxes containing about 25 pounds of grapes, with labels about 13" x 4". Wooden boxes were used until the early 1960's. The long narrow shape of grape labels requires different design treatments than those on the relatively square labels used for other fruit boxes. Effective designs are those which feature extended lettering and elongated images. Fruit Box Labels, McClelland and Last, 1983" (Out of Print)