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AUX FLEURS D'ALSACE Vintage Soap Box Label from Paris, France [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Savon aux Fleurs D'Alsace Soap Label from France
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aux Fleurs D'Alsace This beautiful label from France has a lot going on in the 6 1/2" x 3 1/4"  custom framed original soap label. The green and gold border is decorated with ribbons in a red, white and blue color theme. The faint (misty)background is the lovely Alsace mountain region of North East France about 250 miles from Paris. The people who live in this border area between France and Germany celebrates it's bounty in traditional festivals. The flower festival with floats (geraniums and roses), the hops and beer, cabbage, sauerkraut and even the onion, asparagus and kougelhopf with folk music, dressing up in costume, processions and dances. The flowers shown on this label appear to be poppy, bachelor buttons and daisys. It reads "Savon Surfin, aux Fleurs D' Alsace, No. 1916". At the bottom, "Savonnerie Remy, Paris", "Depose". A colletion of soap labels look wonderful in a bathroom. Custom framed original paper label or GICLEE VINTAGE ART PRINTS Popular images recreated as Art Prints on Artist’s Canvas. These Large size Giclee Art Prints are sent to you ready to hang in a Gallery Wrap style. Please inquire. Sizes vary.