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Artistic Depiction of HOME OF RAMONA Scarce Orange Crate Box Label - Custom Framed

Vintage, Original Orange Box Paper Label
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HOME OF RAMONA Brand old vintage fruit crate label illustrates beautiful artwork of a ranch house in Camulos, Ventura County, California. Very old Original Orange Crate Box Label. Lots of Gilt on this one.  "U. F. del Valle Copyrighted 1900".  Excellent True to Life detail including people resting on the deck, climbing roses and huge Century plant; A beautiful artistic rendition of the famous "1894 Ramona's Cottage Camulos Rancho Photograph". Measures 11" X 10" and is custom framed in copper and glass; ready to decorate your home or office.

The ranch was known as the Home of Ramona because it was believed to have been the setting of the popular 1884 novel Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson. The novel raised awareness about the Californio lifestyle and romanticized the mission and rancho era of California history.  Seen the Movie with Henry Walthall as Alessandro and Mary Pickford as Ramona on the steps of the Rancho Camulos adobe in 1910?  This is it, Home of Ramona, Camulos Rancho, California.