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Beautiful Artistically designed LOW LUN Bartlett Pear Crate Box Label from Suisun, California - Custom Framed

Intricate design bartlett pear paper label
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LOW LUN Brand Bartlett Pears were grown and shipped out of Suisun, California. Their label was especially tasteful as I imagine was their fruit; artistic flowers surround the image of three fresh pear fruits.

Measuring over 10 1/2" wide and nearly 8 inches tall this well preserved and rare fruit crate label was most likely designed and lithographed in San Francisco, California, early in the last Century. Large labels such as this were glued by hand, using wheat paste, to the end of each wooden box of fresh pears shipped out to the World at large. Thus, Northern California became known the World over for it's production of excellent pear fruit.

We have custom framed this colorful image from the past in attractive copper and glass; ready to decorate your home or office.

Rare file.