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DESERT HARMANY, Hispanic theme, Music, Orange Citrus Crate Box Label from Yuma, Arizona [FRAMED]

Desert Harmany Citrus Crate Label ffrom Arizona
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Desert Harmany Brand ORANGE CITRUS CRATE LABEL pictures a mexican cowboy strumming his guitar and wailing into the night as a nearby coyote sings harmony; FIRST RATE MUSIC. A colorful serape and Poncho Villa era sombrero both dress up and protect our boy from the lovely Arizona desert weather. This excellent and subtly colored commercial lithograph was created many years ago by Western Litho of Los Angeles. V. R. Harman of Yuma, Arizona branded his wood slat crates full of Arizona Citrus Fruits with this label for shipment throughout the world. Aprox. size 10 1/2" X 10 1/4". This colorful old fruit crate label is Custom framed in copper and glass; ready to hang in your casa or ranch home. In addition to Arizona Citrus, California oranges were grown in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, with later plantings in San Diego, Orange and Ventura counties, and the central California San Joaquin Valley. The growers finally settled on two varieties - the Navel orange, sweet, seedless, and juicy, an ideal orange for eating, available from December to late Spring to late Fall. California, therefore, has a citrus product available for sale the year round. Oranges were shipped in wooden boxes from the 1880's until the 1950's when cardboard boxes were introduced. The same box size and label format was used for this entire period. The label was about 11" x 10", in some cases with an additional 1/2" strip on the top for packing information. The label was an ideal size and shape to present an attractive graphic image for product identification and advertisement. In the seventy year history of the use of wooden orange boxes, over a billion labeled boxes were shipped. Because of the need to communicate with customers throughout the country, the orange maketing industy became highly organized, with individual growers combining into large packing and shipping organizations. Most of these growers cooperatives eventually joined one of the three large marketing organizations - Sunkist Growers, Mutual Orange Distributors, or the American Fruit Growers. In the early 1900's a grapefruit industry developed in California and Arizona. Grapefruit were packed and shipped in boxes the same as those used for oranges, and used labels identical in size, shape, and general advertising message." Fruit Box Labels, McClelland & Last 1983 (Out of Print) Cactus, cowboy boots, moustache, music, sing, "Produce of U.S.A." There is no evidence to suggest that our boy has ingested any peyote buttons or smoked any of that Arizona Marijuana.

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