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LA EXCEPTION de Casparino 1929 Cuban Inner Cigar Box Label from Havana, Cuba, in frame

LA EXCEPTION de Casparino Cuban Inner Cigar Box Label from Habana, Cuba, framed
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LA EXCEPTION de Casparino Brand Habana Cuban Cigars inner box label pictures this Colonial style building facing streets filled with horse drawn coaches, equestrians and strolling pedestrians.  The Period Dress seems accurate and detailed; including a child wearing a straw hat.  This is Havana of the 1920's lithographed by Gustov A. Otto, 1929.  An award won coin or medal seems to be from an Italian Exposition; a second medal features a bare breasted lady, possibly a virgin, from the Republic of France.  "Habana, Fabrica de Tabacos" means, for those of you who are linguistically challenged, "Havana Cigars made from old fabric, most likely reecycled t-shirts from the U.S.A.".  O.K., so I No Habla Espanol nor Lave Sus Manos.  I didn't do well in High School English, either.   We've framed this 6 X 10 inch Havana Cuban Cigar inner label in copper and glass; ready to display in your den or smoking room.