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Peter Pan Brand, Vintage Apple fruit Crate Label - Poster [FRAMED]


Peter Pan "Apples" Brand fruit crate label shows this fine illustration of a favorite story-book character.  Here's our Boy sitting on a tree limb making friends with two song-birds. This is a fine old apple box label that has been on a long trip. This actual label rode the rails out to Wisconsin where a local fellow found it and a few other examples thrown atop similarly labeled crates in a railroad boxcar. These were no doubt to be used as repair replacements should a fruit box end become damaged. The advertising art label was important. This is an old variety of the Peter Pan Apple Fruit Box Poster and different than others I've seen in collections.This is a cute image of Peter Pan on this Vintage Apple Fruit Crate Label from Wentatchee, Washington. He was the boy who never grew old; but the apples will!  Nice art detail. "From The World Famous Northwest District" "Fruit Sales Co. Inc." "Wenatchee, Washington, Exclusive Distributors" "Ridgway Litho. Co. Seattle"; Original Old Label/antique animal print/avian. 10" X 8 3/4"