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BUTTERFLY Original Apple Crate Box Label from Watsonville, California [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Butterfly Apple Crate Label from CA
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Butterfly Brand from Watsonville, California pictures California Fancy Red Delicious Apples and Proudly displays the phrase Produce of U.S.A. on this old vintage apple box label.  M.A. and Ray L. Travers, Watsonville, California once glued these ad art (nearly fine art) labels on their contents 1 Bushel apple crates. A huge butterfly makes its way across the fields and orchards of Watsonville, California. This is a rare old apple fruit label, having been printed on metallic foiled paper. Just like those old chewing gum wrappers you were supposed to put your gum back into but instead you stuck the gum on the underside of the coffee table or desk at school. Seeing several hundred of these fine labels on box ends must have been quite a colorful sight; all of those Butterflies! Vintage label/insect print. Custom Framed, 10 ¼” X 8”