Antiques and Collectibles - Fruit Crate Labels For Sale - Antique Label Company has an
  art gallery of fruit labels that are colorful antique posters from the first half of the last century.

(Gift Wrapping Available)

Here's a classic early fruit crate label from Rio Vista, California, a thriving community on the Sacramento River.

This Rio Vista Brand Pear Label from Ruble Orchard was the brand used by Two Women, Mabel J. Ruble and Mary E. McKinnon, a Century ago in what they called the "Capital of the California Netherlands".

Traung Label Company in San Francisco created this commercial work of art in stone lithography, crafting a realistic image of four luscious Bartlett Pears on a background of Rusty Red. 

We have custom framed this 11" X 8" original antique label in Copper and Glass; ready to display in your home or office.  Also, there's no Law against hanging it in your Fruit Packing Shed, if you like.