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Carefree Brand Real Photo, Pin-up, Original California Orange fruit crate label, framed

pin-up girl, Carefree Brand Original California Orange fruit crate label, Real Photo, framed
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Carefree Brand Original Orange crate label was once used by the "Redlands Orangedale Association" from Redlands, California. This lovely Lady was still "Running Around" Redlands in the early 1980's and at that time apparently had kept a number of her own orange crate labels picturing her photograph. Both the Movie Star Quality Gal and the oranges were "Grown in U.S.A." We have Custom framed this Original Vintage Orange Fruit box Label in copper and glass.  It measures 11" x 10". The scanner cut off the edges; the COMPLETE label will be framed. Year ‘Round Citrus Fruits............ Many agricultural areas in Southern California have more than one growing season per year. This Vintage Real Photo 1940's "Carefree" Brand Orange Crate label from Redlands, California, pictures a Beautiful blond woman giving us her best carefree smile!