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A PLUS Brand Original Apple Crate Label from Wenatchee, Washington [CUSTOM FRAMED]

A Plus Apple Crate Label from Washington
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A-Plus Brand, Apples; You can't get much better than A +!  An Olympic team favorite; a young woman Olympian raises her arm in victory and to salute the apples from “Standard Fruits, Inc.” of “Wenatchee, Washington, U.S.A.”, “I couldn’t have done it without those Wenatchee Apples”, she thinks, while enjoying the applause for her athletic win. A pretty satin ribbon on a black background rates her performance as “A Plus”. Label art by “Ridgway Litho. Co. Seattle”; Custom Framed, 10 1/8” X 8 ¾” This is an Athlete/sports themed old fruit crate label.