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Chautauqua and Erie Grape Company [FRAMED]

CHAUTAUQUA & ERIE GRAPE CO., CONCORDS, Westfield. N.Y., VINEYARD RUN; large bunch of purple grapes hang from ornate scroll work intertwined with vines, leaves and grapes; the (basket full of fruit) Trademark symbol says "Chautauqua and Erie Grape Co N Y" (the older variety Trademark); Standard 12 QT. Baskets. Measures 10 ¼ x 5 inches. Framed for wall-hanging. • Since Fruit Crate Labels derive from the concept of Wine Bottle Labeling in the late 1800’s I’ve included here the titles of a few tomes on the small colorful wine labels. • A Very Good Year: The Journey of a California Wine from Vine to Table by Mike Weiss • The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr. and the Reign of American Taste by Elin McCoy • Understanding Wine Labels: A Complete Guide to the Wine Labels of the World (Mitchell Beazley Wine Made Easy) by Simon Woods • Spinning the Bottle by Harvey Posert • Wine Label Language by Peter Saunders • Soils for Fine Wines by Robert E. White • Imagery: Art for Wine by Bob L. Nugent “The wine label is a powerful icon of modern civilization. It is a precious object of art that symbolizes and disseminates the cultural and spiritual values of the land where wine is grown…Wine label design has undergone a renaissance where art meets marketing in the most powerful way, penetrating the subconscious, utilizing the power of suggestion to imply flavor and quality.” Icon: Art of the Wine Label by Jeffrey Caldeway and Chuck House, May 2003