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Vintage CHAUTAUQUA MAID Original Grape Juice Label from New York [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Grape Juice Label from Brockton, New York
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CHAUTAUQUA MAID QUALITY GRAPE JUICE, Huntley Manufacturing Co., Brocton, N.Y., Popular outdoor Summer entertainment started in this small New York town in the late 19th Century. This deeply embossed and gilded illustration of a beautiful young female entertainer bursting through a paper drum conveys the energy and excitement of these early traveling Chautauqua troupes. A single label such as those displayed measures 4 x 3 ½ inches. Framed, ready for wall-hanging. This piece is a unique way to decorate whether  you have a  country or contemporary kitchen. 

Old fashioned Historic pictures can sometimes be found on canned food labels or stickers.