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Rare MANZANITA RANCH Apple Crate Box Label from Julian, San Diego County, California, FRAMED

Manzanitta Ranch Apple Crate Label
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Manzanita Ranch I acquired this excellent old fruit box label, made for use on those old wooden boxes, from "Woody Barnes"  out of Julian, San Diego County, California several decades back. Woody ran the ranch and still used this image on his fruit jars however the ranch had left off using the wooden fruit boxes back when the cardboard boxes became available in the 1940's. He had a few of these left in his desk drawer and was willing to trade for similar labels from other ranches. The cardboard fruit boxes became popular with the growers for a number of reasons including low expense and no splinters. 10" X 9 1/8custom framed in copper and glass.

In a 1979 Novel entitled "Nobody's Angel", by Thomas McGuane, a tough Old Time Montana Rancher expresses his distain for irrigation farming by saying, "I'd like to see to just the horses, but it ought to be farmed up quite a bit more. I always thought farrming was a highly evolved form of mowing the lawn."