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Lovely COAST QUEEN on Original Vegetable Crate Label from Santa Cruz, California [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Coast Queen Vegetable Crate Label from Santa Cruz, CA
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COAST QUEEN  Spokeswoman for California Vegetables, Santa Cruz Artichoke and Sprout Growers Association, Santa Cruz, Calif."; Brussels sprouts; blue eyed, bejeweled pretty young queen wrapped in her ermine fur coat, Schmidt Litho., San Francisco. Measures 7 X 4 ½ inches. Custom framed and ready to decorate your castle wall.   See also "Broccoli" Coast Queen label. "California produces and ships a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in addition to citrus fruit, apples, pears and grapes. These are grown throughout the state in regions which have suitable climate, freedom from pests, availability of irrigation water if needed, and the capability of growing crops in off market seasons. Most vegetables are grown in the Watsonville - Salinas area south of San Francisco, in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river valleys, and in the Imperial and Coachella valleys in the southeastern part of the state. Winter vegetables are grown in these California desert valleys as well as, more recently in Arizona and Texas. The most common vegetable box used for lettuce, carrots and other vegetables, is a wire-wrapped wood slat box, with a tall rectangular label about 7" x 9". A number of fragile products including cherries, melons, peaches, plums and tomatoes are shipped in flat lug boxes similar to grape boxes. The long rectangular labels used on these range in size from 13" x 5" to 9" x 3". Asparagus, grown mainly in San Joaquin county is packed in a trapezoidal box, narrower at the top than the bottom to hold the tapering stalks of asparagus. The trapezoidal label is about 10" x 9"." Fruit Box Labels, McClelland & Last, 1983 (Out of Print) Note for antique stores, antiques and collectibles markets, antique book stores, antique on-line stores and others involved in the sale of antiques. This vintage commercial art will fit in well with a large variety of unique collectible art as well as bottles, books, prints and other precious tid-bits. Antique print dealers often offer these fruit crate labels for sale along with their regular valuable prints.