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Vintage ERIEZ Apple Crate Label from Lake Erie Region, Belle Valley, Pennsylvania [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Apple Crate Label from Pennsylvania
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ERIEZ Brand Lake Erie Apples; No grower stamp, Orchard scene on the Lake with freighter and sailboat sailing amongst the airborne gulls; a storm brews to the East. An Eriez Native American Indian Chief with headdress, powder horn and dressed in buckskins views the scene. We have framed it in copper and glass and it's ready to decorate your kitchen wall. Measures 11 ½ x 7 ¼ inches. An excellent Native American Indian, old art print, vintage label. (We received this interesting email as a result of our posting this "Shattuck" label on our website) (From Dave) I am sitting here at my computer looking at 3 original labels as above with the actual grower's stamp affixed. They were handed to me by my maternal grandfather, Jonas Henry Shattuck, in the Shattuck farmhouse on Lake Pleasant Road in Belle Valley ( Erie County ), Pa. My mother, his daughter, was Eleanor Mae Shattuck. The farm was an original 2000 acre land grant by Wm. Penn to the Shattuck family. J. H. was born on the farm, as was my mother. The farmhouse is solid brick and built from bricks made on the farm with a soild stone foundation. It is occupied by one of his other grandsons, Alan Shattuck. As a boy, I worked the orchards along side "Henry" as he was called. The barn I played in is still there, as is the farmhouse I stayed in summers. I have several pictures of him and one of him and me. He was a perfectionist when it came to his apples and we would spray the orchards as many as 15 times a year. He would sell the apples at a stand in front, truck them to Erie and sell to stores and hucksters who would also bring their kids along to pick apples and then peddle them door to door. Even more interesting is the fact that we would sell our windfalls to Ethan Furman's cider mill which still operates in Belle Valley. Grandad became quite wealthy. So, I am curious. How did you come by the label? Guess I will frame one of them for our home here in Charleston , SC. Dave Shiel (Response) Thanks for the enlightening note! May I use this info on my website? These labels I'm offering came from a fellow 20-some years ago who happened to be a plumber, needed a set of file drawers and proceeded to purchase same at auction. He found the labels in the bottom drawer when he got home. Must have been up around your area. The man noticed an advert of mine in an antiques journal and later on sold them to me. Some had the "Shattuck" stamp and some did not. Unusual as we haven't found many old apple labels from up your way! (Response from Dave) I would guess that the file cabinet bought by the plumber was from the estate auction. J.H. died before his second wife, Florence (May)who was from Girard , Ohio, who just happened to be his first cousin !. When she died, my cousin who deals in antiques helped auction some of the house contents. In fact, I clearly remember the file cabinet in a front hall under-stair closet where it resided with a safe and where from JH pulled the labels he gave to me. There is a lot about the farm that I recall. Many interesting tales. I explored every corner of the house and barn and land as a kid. Dave