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FRIGID-APS Apple Crate Label from Washington, Cartoon [CUSTOM FRAMED]

CARTOON Apple Crate Label from Yakima, Washington
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FRIGID-APS Brand old original Fruit Crate Label, Washington State Apples, is Packed by the Frigid Fruit Co., Yakima, Wash.; Cold, Crisp, Juicy; Always Under Refrigeration From Tree To Thee; This vintage apple box advertising poster pictures a detailed background includeing snowy mountains against a blue sky with orchard, forest and an icy river running through it. "Frigi", the world famous cartoon apple guy, sits atop a giant red apple. He's happy despite the snowball earmuffs and the icicles hanging from his nose. Western Litho. Co., Los Angeles. Custom framed in copper and glass. Measures 9 x 10 ¼ inches.