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Handsom Sailor on JACK TAR Tomato Crate Label from Edinburg, Texas [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Jack Tar, Sailor, Tomato Crate Label
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JACK TAR Tomatoes, Vale Mayes and Co., Edinburg, Texas; Sailor Boy complete with bellbottomed trousers, striped shirt and Navy hat; tattoo of an anchor gleams forth on his right arm; Lehmann Lithograph, San Francisco. Custom framed in copper and glass. Note to U.S. NAVY Sailors: Did you know that the first uniform clothing issue you got in Boot Camp wasn't Free?! HA! They got you again! You even paid for the Boots! They took payment out of your first paycheck! This label has been custom framed and it measures approx. 4 1/2 x 13 inches. Antique framed art poster ;old print; vintage label.