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Original Vintage LAND O' LAKES Apple Box Label from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin [FRAMED]

Apple Crate Label from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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LAND O' LAKES Apples from the Aeppler Orchard at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, were once grown and shipped out under this name.   Mr. Aeppler has written that this aerial photo of Oconomowoc was taken in 1938 and that the apple pictured won First Prize at the county fair in that year. This is a fine detailed photo of the town including a train, waterways, bridges, churches, homes, factories and a two-bit piece lying on the sidewalk in front of the dime store. Stecher-Traung, San Francisco, California, was the Lithographer; having flown a plane out from California just for the photo shoot.  We have custom framed this in copper and glass so it is ready to decorate your kitchen or den. It measures 13 ½ x 9 ½ inches.

This excellent example of vintage paper ephemera is one of our finest.  Give a gift of lasting enjoyment while at the same time cultivating a reputation as an intelligent and discerning lady or gentleman.