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Longwood Plantation's, Antique Original OLD Vintage, African-American art label, Pure Cane Syrup FRAMED

Old fashioned Historic pictures can sometimes be found on canned food labels or stickers
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LONGWOOD PLANTATION'S Pure Cane Syrup, S. J. Gianelloni, Jr., East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, LA., Louisiana, Established 1827, 3 Quarts, 4 Fluid Ozs., Clarified with Sulphur Dioxide; African American maid presents large steaming plate of pancakes dripping with syrup and butter; Aunt Jemima, Black Americana, Negro Slave. Custom framed ready to decorate your home, restaurant or den. Measures 8 X 6 ½ inches.  Note to collectors: Two smaller sizes are also available. The story on these very old labels is that they were found packed in saw-dust in a barrel just the way fruit was packed in the 19th Century. It seems as though someone had put these away for later use (away from the vermin and termites) and just never got back for them. A Rare Apple label, "Kentucky Cardinal" is said to have been found under similar circumstances.