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MAP O TEX Vegetable Crate Label from Harlingen, Texas [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Map O Tex Vegetable Crate Label
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MAP O TEX, Texas Vegetables, John Morris Jr., Harlingen, Texas, Produce of U.S.A., Nice Large map of the State of Texas. Texas is located off South-East of Southern California I think. Custom framed in copper and glass. It measures 6 ½ X 6 ¼ inches. Note for antique stores, antiques and collectibles markets, antique book stores, antique on-line stores and others involved in the sale of antiques. This vintage commercial art will fit in well with a large variety of unique collectible art as well as bottles, books, prints and other precious tid-bits. Antique print dealers often offer these fruit crate labels for sale along with their regular valuable prints. Map-O-Tex