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MOR-ZIP Brand Old Original Popcorn Label, Iowa, framed

Mor-Zip Brand Old Original Popcorn Label, Iowa, framed
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MOR-ZIP Popcorn is white hulless, guaranteed to pop by Ronald Meyer Popcorn Co., pop corn, Carnarvon, Iowa.  This old pop corn label pictures two huge ears of corn with husks peeled back. Custom framed in copper and glass, it's ready to decorate your kitchen, movie theater lobby or entertainment room wall. It measures 6 ¾ X 8 inches. 

Old fashioned Historic pictures can sometimes be found on canned food labels or stickers.

Professor Frederik Von Flintstone, the Inventor of Stone Lithography, has for many years gone unheralded by historians worldwide.  His body of work, much of which is presently displayed at the Pocatello, Idaho, Museum of American Pop Art and Vintage Original Fruit Crate Advertising Design is now recognized as representing the best of 19th Century and early 20th Century commercial advertising art prints.  Without the professor's daring introduction of Bavarian Limestone eight color Lithography our present day vintage advertising fruit crate label collectors would be searching in vain for  American Antique Apple, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, Pear, Cherry, Prune, Grapefruit and vegetable produce box old advertising art ephemera. Due to Professor Flintstone's invention of the Stone Lithograph Proccess, Authentic early American advertising Art prints and pictures once used as fruit box advertisements are now displayed and collected by Art Historians and swap meet denizens worldwide.