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  art gallery of fruit labels that are colorful antique posters from the first half of the last century.

Patricia Brand, vintage California Tomato Fruit Crate Label - box poster art Framed


PATRICIA Tomatoes, Santa Clara Valley Fruit and Produce, San Jose, California; Fruits and Vegetables, 28 pound box when packed; a lovely Egyptian girl in full period makeup wears elaborate golden headdress complete with pink feather plume and water bird icon. This old original tomato fruit crate label is custom framed & ready to decorate your home or theater; Original Old Label/antique animal print/avian. It measures 13" x 5". A collectible vintage California produce Crate Label rescued from a local packing shed in San Jose in the 1960's just as the packinghouse was being torn down.

 The Egyptian girl in an elaborate golden head dress with feather plume smiles demurely while thinking of this luscious California Tomato Fruit.  We have custom framed this vintage advertising Tomato fruit label in copper and glass. This advertising collectible represents the early days before Silicon Valley. The vintage California Tomato Fruit Crate Label shown here was rescued from a fruit packing shed in San Jose, California, in the 1960's just as the packinghouse was being torn down. The produce box labels saved at the time were quite old and had been stuffed into an old leather suitcase and shuffled off to an unused corner of the fruit packing shed.  The packing house came down within the week.