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Gravenstein Apples featured on SEBASTOPOL QUALITY Apple Crate Label from Grafton, California [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Sebastopol Quality Apple Crate Label from Grafton, California
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SEBASTOPOL QUALITY California Apples on this original crate label, Pelletti Fruit Co., Graton, California; two large realistic Gravenstein apples on a twig with leaves; Produce of U.S.A. Custom framed in copper and glass ready to hang on your kitchen wall. It measures 13" X 5 1/2". Thank you Mr. Pelletti for your kindness and help during my label scouting days in the early 1980"s.   "While apples hae been grown in nearly all parts of California, major commercial production is centered in two relatively small areas, the Pajaro Valley near Watsonville, about 80 miles south of San Francisco, and the Sebastopol area near the Russian River, about 60 miles north of San Francisco. The Pajaro Valley industry was developed in the 1890's by immigrants, from the area for a time known as Yugosalavia, who continue to be the main growers and marketers of Watsonville fruit. Due to the prevalence of fog and the lack of sharp frosty nights prior to harvest, red varieties of apples do not attain a high color in this region. The most successful commercial variety is the yellow Newtown Pippin, a hard, crisp, juicy apple which ripens in the late fall. Apple production started in the Sebastopol area in the early 1900's. The main variety grown is the Gravenstein, a red striped apple which ripens in the summer, before fruit from most other areas are ready for market. Since California apples were shipped by rail, the bushel basket and the barrel used in the East were not satisfactory. A rectangular box with a volume of approximately one bushel was developed. A label about 10 1/4" x 9" was customarily used. Apples were shipped directly from the Watsonville and Sebastopol areas, as well as by large distributors in San Fransicso." Fruit Box Labels, McClelland & Last, 1983