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Original Crate Label SHIP SHAPE From San Jose, California [IT'S CUSTOM FRAMED]

7 X 6 inches

SHIP SHAPE Fruits and vegetables, Aiello and Aiello Co., San Jose, California, Shipshape; dramatic detailed scene of wooden hulled sailing ship, four sailors are on deck, sails and pennants richly detailed, Sun is just visible on the horizon. This excellent 15th Century ship is a Caravel Redunda; about 80 tons of Portuguese or Spanish Merchant ship built first circa 1470. These ships were sent out by Portugal on voyages of discovery in the 15th Century; attempting to find a way around Africa to the Far East in search of spices, silks and other luxury goods. This vintage label is a very fine example of Commercial Art from the first half of the Twentieth Century. Schmidt Litho., San Francisco, California. Aprox. 6 1/2" X 7" Custom framed.