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Scenic Stock AVOCADO Crate Box Label #7082 [IT'S CUSTOM FRAMED]


Avocado Stock Label #7082 Louis Roesch Lithograph Co., San Francisco; Two Farm workers pick and load avocados into wooden trays, a ladder leans against one of the many trees shown in this pleasant orchard scene; large avo' shown at right. Custom framed. Measures 4 1/2 x 13 inches. Fruit and Vegetable labels, called "Stock Labels" were lithographed by all the large West Coast label lithographers. These intriguing images left a space, often the sky, open for the local printer to over-print the name and produce information of area growers. For a small orchard or farm this was a much less expensive way to label their wooden crates than to use a custom designed image. Stock labels were also often used as a temporary measure by the large out-fits whenever their expensive custom labels were late in arriving. The local printer always had a stock of "stock" labels on hand and could deliver a serviceable label within hours. Many of these are beautiful works of Art in their own right. Antique framed art poster/old print/Vintage label/agriculture.