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Scenic GRAPE STOCK Label with Vineyards and Grape Cluster #8038 [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Grape Crate Label with Vineyards
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Stock Grape Label #8038, Louis Roesch Co., San Francisco, California; Scenic vineyard, view of mountains and clouds; Grower stands amongst his grape vines showing off a large flat of blush colored grape bunches. Custom framed. Measures 4 1/2 x 13 inches. Fruit and Vegetable labels, called "Stock Labels" were lithographed by all the large West Coast label lithographers. These intriguing images left a space, often the sky, open for the local printer to over-print the name and produce information of area growers. For a small orchard or farm this was a much less expensive way to label their wooden crates than to use a custom designed image. Stock labels were also often used as a temporary measure by the large out-fits whenever their expensive custom labels were late in arriving. The local printer always had a stock of "stock" labels on hand and could deliver a serviceable label within hours. Many of these are beautiful works of Art in their own right. This fine old original agriculture print produce label was lithographed during a time when lead, cobalt and other compounds were often introduced as a part of the ink used to make the images brilliant, vivid and colorful. Dead Grape A Tale of Woe. In the 1800's the vineyards of Orange County California were abundant with table grapes and those destined for the wine vat. That is until a grape disease wiped out the vines in 1885. Growers quickly realized that a certain variety of Valencia Orange grew better in "Grape County" than anywhere else in the world. Shipping these fine oranges East by rail in "iced" freight cars required three changes of ice along the way but made "Orange County" a successful producer for the following century. (I just made that up about "Grape County". I have no idea what they called the area in the early 1800's. Maybe "Baja Los Angeles".) • Since Western Fruit Crate Labels derive from the concept of Wine Bottle Labeling in the late 1800’s I’ve included here the titles of a few tomes on the small colorful wine labels. • A Very Good Year: The Journey of a California Wine from Vine to Table by Mike Weiss • The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr. and the Reign of American Taste by Elin McCoy • Understanding Wine Labels: A Complete Guide to the Wine Labels of the World (Mitchell Beazley Wine Made Easy) by Simon Woods • Spinning the Bottle by Harvey Posert • Wine Label Language by Peter Saunders • Soils for Fine Wines by Robert E. White • Imagery: Art for Wine by Bob L. Nugent “The wine label is a powerful icon of modern civilization. It is a precious object of art that symbolizes and disseminates the cultural and spiritual values of the land where wine is grown…Wine label design has undergone a renaissance where art meets marketing in the most powerful way, penetrating the subconscious, utilizing the power of suggestion to imply flavor and quality.” Icon: Art of the Wine Label by Jeffrey Caldeway and Chuck House, May 2003