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Life Brand Old Original Pear Fruit label, in frame, fly fisherman

Life Brand Old Original Pear Fruit label, in frame, fly fisherman
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Life Brand; Many believe this IS life; fly fishing in a beautiful mountain stream. Fisherman must be a professional complete with thigh high waders, woven wicker fish box, WWI looking hat and a pipe! Fine looking rainbow trout on the end of his line. Background of fields, trees and high snow capped mountains. The Blue Anchor California Fruit Exchange logo appears. Grower Dennis W. Leary of Walnut Grove, CA had this pear fruit crate label designed by the Schmidt Litho Co, of San Francisco. Maybe this is the life! We have custom framed this fun and realistic work of commercial art; it's ready to decorate your home, Tavern or Fish Shack. 11" X 7 1/2" Antique framed art poster;old print; vintage label. In a Novel by Lawrence Sanders about the 1920's Hollywood Movie Industry, entitled "The Dream Lover", a wealthy banker from back East complains about California saying: "Last night at my hotel I met a man who claimed to be a rancher. He looked like a rancher; boots with high heels, leather clothes, sombrero. I asked him how many cattle he had. He said he didn't raise cattle; he owned a PEAR ranch!"