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Mighty-Fine, Old genuine orange citrus fruit crate Label - box poster RARE, Framed


This Orange crate label, Mighty Fine Brand, Illustrating a Lovely scenic orchard, was designed and printed by Florida Grower Press Tampa for the Indian River Packing Co. of Vero Beach, FL. This Old genuine citrus fruit crate Label shows orange orchards with farm houses surrounding a very blue lagoon. Palm trees wave in the distance.  This old style produce box advertising poster has been custom framed in copper and glass, ready to decorate your kitchen wall. Detailed old Lithography by "Florida Grower Press, Tampa" Measures 9 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches.  The corners on this scarce example are uncut and is available to collectors unframed. The Lithographer's Bug says "Florida Grower Press, Tampa";  as opposed to Florida Grower's Press or Florida Growers Press.

This fine old original agriculture print produce label was lithographed during a time when lead, cobalt and other compounds were often introduced as a part of the ink used to make the images brilliant, vivid and colorful. Here’s what happened with these colorful old Fruit Crate Labels some years ago in Florida. Several California guys I know went down to Florida a few times back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They’d fly down and rent a big Buick or Olds Sedan then drive all over the State to various packing houses asking if they could pick up the left-over original bundles of old crate labels. At that time the growers had long-since switched over from the wooden crates requiring the glued on paper label in favor of the modern pre-printed cardboard box. Some of those Buicks were pretty well loaded down with labels on the return trip to California. At the time no-one seemed to be collecting the old Florida labels but all that interest sure got people thinking. Today there are a huge number of collectors including many Florida museums.