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TROPIC GOLD Original Orange Citrus Crate Box Label from St. Johns River Fruit, Seville, Florida, 9 X 9 in FRAME


Tropic Gold  A great Citrus Fruit Crate label from Saint Johns River Fruit, McBride Packing Company, Seville, Florida; Sunset river scene reveals dozens of century old palms as this fertile country rests for the day; Golden Oranges spill into the foreground; Copyright 1935 by W. H. McBride; Artwork by Schmidt Litho., San Francisco, California. Custom framed. I was told by a "Highwaymen" art collector, that this label was taken from original Highwaymen paintings. I am not sure, as the works are unsigned. Measures 9" X 9". See SKU #2537 for a better scan of the same image. This is a unique collectible, vintage wall-hanging art piece/old poster label.