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ZENDA Original Citrus Crate Label from Brooksville, Florida [FRAMED]

Zeneda Tangerine Crate Label from Florida
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ZENEDA Tangerines are from Bell Fruit Company, Brooksville, Florida; large glass of orange juice flanked by cut fruit and huge grapefruit, leaves and blossoms, 6 ¾ X 6 ¾ inches and custom framed. This is a unique collectible, vintage wall-hanging art piece/old poster label.    Here’s what happened with these colorful old Fruit Crate Labels some years ago in Florida. Several California guys I know went down to Florida a few times back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. They’d fly down and rent a big Buick or Olds Sedan then drive all over the State to various packing houses asking if they could pick up the left-over original bundles of old crate labels. At that time the growers had long-since switched over from the wooden crates requiring the glued on paper label in favor of the modern pre-printed cardboard box. Some of those Buicks were pretty well loaded down with labels on the return trip to California. At the time no-one seemed to be collecting the old Florida labels but all that interest sure got people thinking. Today there are a huge number of collectors including many Florida museums.