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BOB WHITE Apple Crate Label from Pennsylvania [CUSTOM FRAMED]

Bob White Apple Crate Label from Pennsylvania
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BOB WHITE York County Apples, Anderson Fruit Farms, Stewartstown, Pa.; real photo of the bird. Custom framed in copper and glass; excellent decor for your hunting lodge or bar; Original Old Crate Label/antique animal print/bird. Lug box size. 

Old fashioned Historic pictures can sometimes be found on canned food labels or stickers.

Recycled Fruit Crate Poster Art, having been salvaged, has not ended up in landfills and has saved a forest of trees.  Nasty dyes, inks and chemicals used in Art Production are avoided by the re-use or recycling of these colorful, vivid and entertaining posters.  Go green and decorate your home, office or restaurant with our custom framed, ready-to-hang, made in U.S.A. Fruit Crate Art.  Easy on the environment décor!