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  art gallery of fruit labels that are colorful antique posters from the first half of the last century.

ALL AMERICAN, vintage, Apple Box Label, original apple fruit crate label - box poster [FRAMED]


Here's an All American Vintage Apple Crate Label.  This Orignal Old Apple box label from Yakima, Washington measures 8 1/2 X 10 inches and was used as a shipping label for wooden crates full of apples from the American Northwest. The great patriotic theme was created by Lehmann Lithograph Co., San Francisco, California. We have custom framed this apple fruit crate label in copper and glass and it's ready to decorate your kitchen wall. "With the completion of the transcontinental railroads in the 1880's it became possible to ship western agricultural produce to midwestern and eastern markets. Fruit, which had remained unpicked in western orchards due to lack of demand, suddenly became commercially valuable, and a new industry developed. The first products shipped were oranges and lemons from southern California, grapes from central California, and apples and pears from northern California, Oregon and Washington. As railroad refrigeration techniques became more sophisticated, perishable produce such as melons, lettuce and tomatoes also were shipped. A complex packing, shipping and marketing network was developed to transfer this wide variety of western agricultural produce to eastern consumers. The fruit box label was developed to identify and advertise these products. This colorful paper poster was pasted on the end of the wooden box; serving as a means of communication between the grower and customer. Tens of thousands of different label designs were used on billions of boxes until the 1950's when wooden boxes were replaced by cardboard boxes with cheaper pre-printed label information. The paper labels, nearly all designed and printed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, serve as a historical record of West Coast commercial art." Fruit Box Labels, McClelland & Last 1983 (Out of Print)

Professor Frederik Von Flintstone, the Inventor of Stone Lithography, has for many years gone unheralded by historians worldwide.  His body of work, much of which is presently displayed at the Pocatello, Idaho Museum of American Pop Art and Vintage Fruit Crate Advertising Design is now recognized as representing the best of 19th Century and early 20th Century commercial advertising art prints.  Without the professor's daring introduction of Bavarian Limestone eight color Lithography our present day vintage advertising fruit crate label collectors would be searching in vain for American Antique Apple, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, Pear, Cherry, Prune, Grapefruit and vegetable produce box vintage advertising art ephemera. Due to Professor Flintstone's invention of the Stone Lithograph Authentic early advertising prints and pictures once used as fruit box advertisements are now displayed and collected by Art Historians and swap meet denizens worldwide.