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Rio Vista Brand Pear Label was the brand used by Two Women a Century ago in what they called the "Capital of the California Netherlands".  This is an original Century Old Stone lithographed paper label, framed and ready to hang.

Avocado Salad pictured, lug box old art poster, framed

Best Buy Brand is an Original Vintage Southern California Avocado fruit crate label; DUDE!  Click image for shopping cart.

Winter Haven, FLORIDA, Tru-blu, William Roe

This Blu Knight Brand FLORIDA Orange Citrus Crate Label pictures Knights of Olde,  Or Old Knights; Blue Knight.

Blue and the Gray Brand, Original Vintage Orange, Grape fruit crate Label FRAMED

The Blue and the Gray Brand Civil War theme Original Vintage Citrus fruit crate Label from Florida pictures a Medal bedecked Union Soldier and a Confederate soldier shaking hands.  Blue & Gray, Blue Gray, Blue Grey, Blue and Gray, Click image for shopping cart.

Vintage Apple Box Label with Butterfly

Scarce Butterfly themed label from California. Would you buy an apple from this insect?  This is a rare old apple fruit box label.

Original Old Camp Fire Brand Coffee Label features a steaming pot of coffee over a blazing fire

Original Old Camp Fire Brand Coffee Label features a steaming pot of coffee over a blazing hardwood fire. Unique decor for your Coffee Shop! For more Coffee items, please search from 3167 thru 3180.