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EAGLE Rare Historic antique label, "Head Lettuce, May 1946, Salinas Valley, California

EAGLE Brand, Rare one of a kind 7"X 9" Label; "Head Lettuce - Salinas Valley Vegetable Exchange - Salinas, California".  Date stamped on the back, "MAY 16  1946".  Lithographher's bug on lower right front says, "Western Litho. Co, Los Angeles 446".

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Fine looking owl on this Original Apple Box Label from Watsonville, California. Pajaro Valley apples. Click picture for information & shopping cart.

Vintage Advertising Animal Art Print

Great art work of an Eagle on this original box label from Dinuba, California. American Eagle Brand, The Grandest Eagle ever!

Florida Vintage Orange Grapefruit Crate Label

Huge Golden Sun sinks into the Florida seas as Palm Trees look on. GOLDEN SUNSET Brand original old Florida Fruit Crate label, framed in copper and glass; ready to hang. Rare & Beautiful.


Vintage Fruit Art Print

Original Fruit Box label from Visalia, California. Realistic image of a Golden Pheasant. Click picture for information & shopping cart.

Vintage Advertising Art Ephemera Print

Bird in flight on this Vintage Grape Box Label from Woodlake, California. Please click on picture to see larger image, order information and description.