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Rio Vista Brand Pear Label was the brand used by Two Women a Century ago in what they called the "Capital of the California Netherlands".  This is an original Century Old Stone lithographed paper label, framed and ready to hang.

New Jersey Fruit Box Label Art, framed

This Atlantic Brand Vintage Original New Jersey Cranberry fruit crate label pictures sailing ships along with a commercial freighter cruising the Atlantic Coast in the 1920's.

 C.K.S. GRAPE BELT New York, grape basket or fruit box poster FRAMED

This C.K.S. Grape Belt Vintage Grape Box label or basket art poster from Rochester, New York, pictures an Impressive map of three lakes, Canandaiqua, Keuke, Seneca, and surrounding towns as they were 100 years ago. 

 Far West Brand Original Pear fruit box art poster, framed

An Original Pear fruit Box Label from Seattle, Washington, "Far West" Pears pictures a Pioneer  looking out over the vast Pacific Ocean at Sunset. Click image for shopping cart.

"Forestville, Chautauqua, Co., N. Y., U.S.A." cannery label in frame

This rare FORESTVILLE Canning Company 100 year old sweet corn can label pictures in Stone Lithograph a detailed valley scene with the canning company building at the river's edge. 

 Life Brand Old Original Pear Fruit label, in frame, fly fisherman

This realistic fly fishing scene on an Old Original Pear Box Label is from Walnut Grove, California. The fisherman has a Rainbow Trout on the hook. Please click on picture to see larger image, order information and description.