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Newtown Pippins California 80 year old Apple crate label in frame

Appleton Brand Watsonville, California apple fruit box label; If you’d like to give a gift to the Lady this framed Art Nouveau Apple Label is perfect. If you’re thinking of sending flowers why not send this beautiful framed 1929 vintage art.  The lovely long stemmed roses held by this Victorian Lady will certainly last another 80 years. Framed, it’s ready to decorate the boudoir in any home.  



The Best Choice is a Roaring 20's pretty Gal on this Vintage Original Fruit crate Label. "OH, YOU KID!" Please click on picture to see larger image.

Pin-up Girl, Blushing Melons, produce ad art crate label, framed

BLUSHING MELONS Brand Produce crate label pictures a typical Firebaugh Beauty exposing, er, sunning herself at Firebaugh Main Beach.

Pin-up Girl, Movie Star look, real photo ad art, framed

 This Vintage Real Photo 1940's "Carefree" Brand Orange Crate label from Redlands, California, pictures a Beautiful blond woman giving us her best carefree smile!

Vintage Art Poster Advertisement

Your don't have to be a blonde to have fun in California! Don't miss out on this orignal San joaquin valley,
grape crate label.

Cheerleader on Apple Box Label

Give Us An A! Very perky cheerleader on this original apple crate labels from Washington.