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Big Boy, little kid, children, yam crate label, framed

BIG BOY Brand vintage sweet potato crate label pictures a Classic Farm Kid with his straw hat and "cured yams". This vintage Original Yam or sweet potato crate label is from Pittsburg, Texas. Big Boy is a rare old box label.  Click picture to see larger image, order information  & description.

Two kids listen to old waatch tick tock, canning label in frame

Here's a Curly headed girl listening to the Tick Tock of the old watch on this Yellow Peaches Vintage can label from the California Packing Corporaton out of San Francisco, CA.; nice vintage timepiece.

This is a cute image of Peter Pan on this Vintage Apple Fruit Crate Label from Wentatchee, Washington. He was the boy who never grew old; but the apples will!  Nice art detail. Click picture for information & shopping cart.

Colley Cranberry Company, Cape Cop, rare old label, real photo in frame

Here's a rare old Vintage Cranberry fruit Box Label from Plymouth, MASS. "Cape Cod Cranberries" pictures a Real-Photo of two brothers and an actual fruit crate of Massachusetts Cranberries. Please click on picture to see larger image, order information and description.

Los Angeles, California Fruit label, old, rare, in frame

 Suesam Brand represents the Finest Quality Produce as distributed by San Antonio Commision Company, Los Angeles, California; cute kid; little boy or little girl, it's difficult to tell.

Here's a Fun Kids theme apple crate label from Yakima, Washington.