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Vintage Advertising Art Print

This Original Apple Box label from Wentatchee, Washington, a Nice old 1920's label, features the Famous Indian, Chief SEATTLE!  Click image for cart.

Cowboy riding for the border and Rosie's Cantina, framed

This Original Texas NIGHT RIDER Brand orange and grapefruit Citrus fruit crate Label from LaFeria, Texas, Says, Ride 'em Cowboy!

Native American theme advertising art

This Cartoon Indian on a Vintage Apple fruit crate Label is from from Wenatchee, Washington. Native American Indian; I believe "Skookum" is the local vernacular equivalent of "O.K." or "All-right"; Just as an Australian might say "Fair Dinkum".

Steam train locomotive, American Indian, desert fruit crate label, in frame

Ariz-glo Brand Citrus crate label features an unhappy Native American Indian armed with the White Mans' rifle and viewing an encroaching steam train locomotive. This is a very rare railroad theme box label or poster.  The Arizglo Brand fruit crate label was used in Arizona and California and likely shipped crates of both Oranges and Grapefruit. 

Native American Indian themed Cranberry fruit crate label, New Jersey, framed

Lots of action on this well illustrated Native American Indian themed Cranberry fruit crate label; plenty of feathers, buckskins, weapons and a fine looking horse. Please click on picture to see larger image, order information and description.

historic Native American Indian, old art print, vintage produce box label Avoyel tribe

Avoyelles Brand is an Original vintage Yam Crate Label from Louisiana. This is an historic Native American Indian, old art print, vintage produce box label.  Avoyelles Parish, a parish in Louisiana named for the Avoyel Indian tribe, is known for its French-speaking history.