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 Aunt Lody's Brand historic old sweet potato crate label, framed

"Lody knows dese are de bestest taters", says the Lady known as "Aunt Lody", on this Original Yam Box Label from Louisiana.  Aunt Lody's sweet potatoes taste great and may just be good for you too.  Hang this early American yam & sweet potato crate label in your kitchen today.

Black Joe Original Juice Grape Box label from Lodi, San joaquin valley,

Vintage Orange Box Label

This Breakfast Belle is an African-American Maid and has just laid out a fine early morning meal which would include grapefuit juice.

CONGOLA SODA POP LABEL, cartoon of black Africans frolicking.

CONGOLA SODA POP LABEL, cartoon of black Africans frolicking.

Don't Cry Old Original African American Sweet Potato Box Label

Don't Cry is an Original Old Sweet Potato Yam crate Label from Church Point, Louisiana. An African-American Gentleman is seen throwing dice. Please click on picture to see larger image, order information and description.

HARVESTER BRAND, African American, Real Photo, Cranberry Crate Label from Cape Cod

HARVESTER Brand is an authentic original old Cranberry label. Forty + African American workers or harvesters shown. I love this! The guy in front is showing ATTITUDE toward the camera! This is a great historical ethnic document. It appears to be a late 19th/early20th Century label and a REAL PHOTO IMAGE on this old paper fruit box label.